• Masonry Projects

    We had quite a few masonry classes.  Initially we learned the basics of stone shaping Рat which we were painfully slow. It was humbling to see our instructor shape a stone in 10 minutes, while it took us a day to do the same work. It really makes you appreciate the skill and experience a mason brings to the table. More about our adventures in masonry here.

    Eying up a stone, remeasuring before figuring out how to get that last stubborn nubbin of stone out.

    The result was some lovely shaped stones though!

    Here we are measuring out an imaginary jack arch on the floor, so we could figure out the dimensions of each voussoir we would shape to fit in the arch.

    Sometimes the stone (or maybe it was our chisels) just wouldn't cooperate and we'd end up with a mess on our hands. (Though it makes for a pretty picture if I do say so myself!)

    Slow and steady wins the race every time.

    The finishing details: boasted edges.

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